Solid Air Compressor Switch Control(145-175 PSI) Solid Air Compressor Switch Control(145-175 PSI) | PLUSUTV

Solid Air Compressor Switch Control(145-175 PSI)

  • $10.50

It can help to save electric energy of the air compressor
Easy to install and convenient to use
There is a red ON/OFF switch knob
Auto control.Auto load/unload
Four female air inlet ports with approx. 0.4 inch / 11 mm thread diameter
Maximum Voltage: 240V
Current: 16A (20A Max)
Pressure Range: 145 ~ 175 PSI
(Pressure lower than 145PSI, turn on the compressor. Pressure over 175PSI, turn off the compressor. Not Adjustable.)

1 pcs 145-175 psi Air compressor switch control

  • This is a great switch for miniative air compressor.
  • The pressure control switches are used to regulate the tank pressure between two preset values on small electrically driven air compressors.
  • They are available with an unloader valve, which prevents compressors from starting under load, and an auto-off disconnect lever for manual cut off the compressor.
  • A four port manifold style is available which provides a means for easy mounting of valves and gauges.
  • Casing Dimension(L x W x H): Approx. 82 x 82 x 52mm(3.2 x 3.2 x 2 inches)